iPod Blogger Template

This is 3 Column Free Blogger Template, and suitable for Gadget Blog. I'am using Adsense 160x600 at sidebar with this color : border and background : # e0efb4; title : #000099 text : #000000 url : #ff6600 url : Download iPod.zip [3kb]

Show Up and Hide The Blogger Bar

I usually hide the Blogger Bar at My Template with this code : #navbar-iframe {   height: 0px;     visibility: hidden;      display: none;   } But, If you want to show up the Blogger Bar, you must delete that code and the bar will appears again.

Wedding Anime 3 Column Blogger Template

This is 3 Column Wedding Anime Blogger Template. This template’s width is 980px, so has the best view in 1024×768 (or higher) screen resolution, and adsense ready. I use this color for my adsense at my demo : border and background : #c6f3ff title : #f34a97 url : #0066ff Demo| Download weddinganime3col.zip [3.5kb] This template also available at 2 column. ...

Wedding Anime 2 Column Blogger Template

This is 2 Column Free Wedding Anime  Blogger Template. I make this template in 2 version, 2 column and 3 column. You can also download free Wedding Anime 3 Column Blogger Template. Download weddinganime2column [3.5kb]