Monetizing your Blog |Making Your Hobby Pay

Blogging is one of my hobbies. I have started to blogging February 4, 2008 and SkinCorner is my first blog.

I think this is a good hobby because it brings me pleasure when I can express my passion, sharing my expertise to another and exploring myself. I am free to create anything I loved and very happy when someone who have some interest with me, give positive feedback in my contents.

The most wonderful part of blogging is you also can earn money after started get traffic to your blog. You can getting something in return by doing what you love, work from anywhere and on your own time and independently.

The first popular choice to monetizing blog is Adsense. But, honestly it is very difficult to earn through Adsense. Adsense, also don’t work so great on websites with many pages, because visitors are only read your content and ignore the ads.

You also can offer paid services to your readers like I do. I offer make some graphist design for my reader.

You also can find sponsors who are interested in sharing their ads

And the better option is add affiliate links to your contents, like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc

The problem is manually adding affiliate links to the content can take quite a long time when you have a lot of articles and links to add.

But, you can create and add affiliate links in your blog using WordPress plugin like Auto Affiliate Links PRO. This plugin is definitely worth a try because very effective to save time.

With this plugin you can super easy automatically add affiliate links in your content, and almost no work is required. The affiliate links added can be replaced website-wide with very few click.

And there it is. Hopefully, now you have an idea to make your hobby into profitable blog.

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