Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Mascot Blogger Template

This is 2 Column Free Blogger Templates using Olympic Games 2008 Mascot. Olympic Games 2008 will take place at Beijing from August 8-24, 2008. The Official Mascots is Fuwa. Fuwa carrying a message of friendship and peace and good wishes from China to children all over the world. Designed to express the playful qualities of five little ...

The Gift Blogger Template

The Gift is 2 Column Free Blogger Template. Hmm... nobody give me a gift in my last birthday 🙁 Ok free this beautiful blogger template.. If you want use Adsense; color in Sidebar : border and background : #9c3306; color in Mainbar : border and background : #feefd2; Download[3kb]

Bob the Builder Blogger Template

This is 2 Column Free Cartoon Blogger Template using Bob the Builder with his gang. Bob the Builder is a children's television character created by Keith Chapman. In each episode, Bob with his gang help renovation, construction, repair, and with other projects as needed. Bob always said : "can we fix it?" and the other characters always ...

Naruto Rasengan Blogger Template

Naruto Rasengan Blogger Template

This is 2 Column Free Anime Blogger Template using Naruto Anime character. Download [3kb]