Candle Blogger Template

This template using beautiful candles image. Although only use candles image and very simple, this template is beautiful.

Now, candle is not just for tools to make a light, but also popular for symbolized the celebration like candles in birthday cake, a romantic decoration, and if a fragrance oil added to the candle, this will become good aromatherapy. The shape, ingredients and the scent have various selections.  Hmm… that means “candle making supplies”= is more modern and make all easy for candle maker.
I really love candle from “soy wax”= Expert says that candle from soy wax is more safe and healthy for you, compared with traditional candle from paraffin. Several studies have revealed that traditional wax candles from paraffin emit carcinogens (cancer cause) into the air. I don’t know the truth, but soy wax do not produce carcinogens, and this is more natural that means this is healthier. The other benefit from soy wax is  they burns longer than paraffin wax and if the candles mixed with “fragrance oil” =, the soy wax can hold fragrance better than most paraffin wax and will be good for aromatherapy. My favorites is candle with lavender and buttered rum scent. The scent can make me more relax.

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