Gundam Sandrock Blogger Template

This is 3 Column Free Blogger Template using Gundam Sandrock Character.

XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock (also referred to as Gundam Zero-Four) is one of the five fictional Gundam Mobile Suits appearing in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Anime and derivative works. During the course of the anime series, Sandrock piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner. The Sandrock suits were designed in1995 by Kunio Okawara.

This Template is Adsense Ready. You can use Adsense 728×15 at the top, 336×280 at top sidebar, and 160×600 at left or right sidebar. In my Demo i used this color :

border and background : #051b64;

text : #ffffff;

title : #ffff33;

url : #c0c0c0;

Gundam Sandrock Blogger Template



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